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Raw Jungle Honey

Wild Honey (mountain honey - malaithaen) - collected from Combs in mountains and trees built by the giant Indian rockbee Honey is excrated by the local tribes

500 grams

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Small Bee Honey

Small Bee Honey - Indian little bee (kombuthaen). -. This is a very special honey collected from Combs in tree branches alone. This honey has more nutrition and medicinal value and very good for children for immunity

500 grams

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Sting Less Honey

Stingless Bee Honey. -. Collected from Combs inside trees and under the ground from the dammer bees - very well known for the medicinal value and immunity

500 grams

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100% raw, pure, unpasteurized, unheated honey. By unprocessing and unheating we make sure the essential nutrients of the honey is intact. There are at least 31 vitamins and minerals found in Raw honey. These include vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium etc...

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Best place to buy honey in coimbatore ?? It was so awesome. Can't find a better place to purchase pure honey. I bought 2 bottles of honey. It was so delicious and pure. And I had placed a next order too. Not only they are just placing the order. They tell the importance. Do visit divine bees . And cost is also efficient.

Deepika Poomeshwaran

I am his customer from past 2 years and believe me, till date I haven't procured the best honey from none other than him. He sell good varieties of unadulterated honey which I recommend everyone to buy. Thanks for your wonderful service and expecting the same in future as well ?

Sreedhar Hariharan

My health condition which i couldnt get using other honey products before and i would really recommend for those who wants to use original honey for any medical issues. Always got the package in good condition and used them as per their instructions and it really worked well with the medicines to a great extent. Thanks to Divine Bees.

Yogesh Raja

First time I thought this will also be a frawd game but Man! It's Real Raw You can take this honey to any village people and there try honey from the honey web in forest and then try this it's tastes SAME TO SAME Thanks

Abhi Dave

The honey is definitely good. As someone mentioned packing is good too. because liquid items are difficult to transport. i have left one star because if i dont taste anything better than this, i will click the lone star to give divine bees 5 stars.

Satish bonthu

Real raw forest honey. Please encourage divine bee company. Very difficult to find such people who are doing such genuine work.forest honey is the best form of honey compared to honey which is procured from bee keepers. Pollen content in forest honey is much more

Shivam Shiv